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    Familiar Faces: Mauricio Martinez
    For many people, Don Mauricio Martinez is the face of Ocotal. As the patriarch of the beautiful and ample mountain community, Mauricio cares for the land and often refers to the environment as if it were a lifelong friend of his. We sat down for an interview with Mauricio to find out more about his life and the community. Read the full interview.
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    New English Schedule Encourages Progress and Participation
    Enlace Project's English School is working to meet the growing needs of a range of English students. As more students pass from the beginner's class, the advanced students have been divided into two groups. Formerly, students who passed their level one exam would move to the advanced class, which covered levels two through six, and was taught in English by a native speaker.  More about the class...
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    Ocotal Cabin Welcomes Guests, Growth For The Cooperative
    In September 2014, hundreds of people from around the municipality of El Sauce–and some from even farther–gathered in El Ranchón, the "home base" for the Los Altos de Ocotal (LAOS), to celebrate the inauguration of a new cabin. With traditional food and coffee, speeches from local figures and members of the community, and traditional dance and music, the celebration was a bright sign of what the future holds for the cooperative. Continue reading...

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