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    Sharing Musical Unity: Development and History Through the Arts
    With a shift in leadership for SUNY Geneseo's Western Humanities class in Nicaragua, Professor Glenn McClure brought the idea of using the arts as a tool in development. Through much hard work and preparation, he was able to see the idea take form. Find out more here.
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    Familiar Faces: Alejandro "Alex" José Solano Vallejos
    We've written about Alejandro "Alex" Solano Vellejosbefore. That's because Alex is the type of person who actively goes after what he wants. When we sat down with him, he told us that he experienced a change is his life seven years ago. Keep reading...
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    Nicaragua: Land of Lakes, Volcanoes, and Sustainability
    The field of environmental sustainability has been growing in recent years, working its way into international development theory, newspaper editorials, and university studies, among many other fields of study. A new link between SUNY Geneseo and Enlace Project has embraced this important issue, providing students with a chance to analyze and compare sustainable environmental efforts in both the United States and Nicaragua. Read more...



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Enlace Project utilizes partnerships to develop small businesses and cooperatives, offer educational and volunteer opportunities, and carry out community development projects in response to locally identified needs.


Inspire individuals and communities in developing countries with empowering opportunities to strive towards human and economic development.


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