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    Help Us Build a School!
    FACT: Nicaraguan children in rural schools study on average 3.2 years less than those in urban schools. What can we do to change that?? Find out here.
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    Introducing: Juan Carlos Zelaya
    Hello! My name is Juan Carlos Zelaya, and I work for Enlace Project as the director and programs coordinator. I started three months ago. One of my motivations for working with Enlace Project is my commitment to the local development of the community of El Sauce because I have lived here for 20 years. My wife and my children were born in El Sauce. Keep reading...
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    New Development in Ocotal Hopes to Attract National, International Tourism
    The past couple of months show great potential for the future of Ocotal’s cooperatives. Thanks to efforts from multiple partners, a variety of projects are underway that are set to promote and bring more tourists to the rural tourism haven. Read more...



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Enlace Project utilizes partnerships to develop small businesses and cooperatives, offer educational and volunteer opportunities, and carry out community development projects in response to locally identified needs.


Inspire individuals and communities in developing countries with empowering opportunities to strive towards human and economic development.


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