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Traveling to create connections 

Enlace Project in founded on the principles of fostering growth and connections. The travel program embodies these values by bringing people from around the world together to work, learn, communicate, and grow here in Nicaragua. Our various trips create opportunities for responsible cultural exchange and volunteering. By engaging in volunteer projects or classes, participants broaden their perspectives and learn about global issues. Our programs bring participants together with the people of Nicaragua to work and learn together during which long lasting relationships, friendships, and connections are made. 

Our programs uniquely integrate participants into Nicaraguan life. Participants live with Nicaraguan families and work together with locals. Volunteers and students are welcomed by the kindness and openness of the Nicaraguan people during their time here allowing for  the most fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Our Trips: 

Our trips include many opportunities to build, study, and develop projects throughout rural Nicaragua 

Our group trips allow individuals to come together to work and learn about something they are passionate about, no matter what it may be. 

University and faculty led trips with Enlace Project give students and educators the opportunity to apply a classroom topic to a real world experience. 

Enlace Project provides participants with any possible resource they may need to make their trip comfortable, enjoyable, and fulfilling. 

Enlace Project Spanish School:Coming Soon

Learn Spanish in an immersive cultural experience with Enlace Project. 

Trip Testimonials

This experience was the most eye opening experiences I have had in my whole life. Going into it I thought that we were just going to be following directions to build this simple house for some people down in Nicaragua. I was so far off. Yes we were following directions to build a house but we were alongside our newly made friends the whole time. No, we didn’t speak the same language but that did not stop anyone one bit from interacting and figuring out how to get around the language barrier on a daily basis.

Ryan Mavretish: Keuka College 
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