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The word enlace in Spanish means "link" or "connection" and that is exactly what we dedicate ourselves to - creating connections - between people and between communities. We believe that it is through the connections we make that create the foundation for the development work we do in El Sauce. It is those connections that really form the foundation we need to create a better world and a brighter future, not just for El Sauce or Nicaragua but for everyone. Those connections are what we believe in because they are connections with people and between people and that is where real value lies. We do our best to support community initiatives and with your support we can continue to grow our impact.

Your support will help us continue providing English class to over 40 students, provide business advising and small business assitance to local business owners, provide administrative and logistical support for community projects in and around the area, among a host of other things. Your support, large or small, is what helps us create opportunities and we couldn't thank you enough for believing in the value that has for a child or a parent or a community.



Kellan Morgan - Director


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