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Enlace Project English School 

The Enalce Project English School is based in El Sauce and has been operating for around 10 years. This programs provides students with the opportunity to learn English through an autodidactic methods. Beyond just English, we provide students with the skills necessary to help them find employment. Improving our students professional English and preparing them for things such as interviews, resume building, and interpreting. Many of our past students have been able to find work in tourism, customer service, and interpreting. 

Read about some of our students' stories here: 

Ocotal Rural Tourism English Program

Our Ocotal Rural Tourism program is based in Los Altos de Ocotal, about 20km outside of El Sauce. The tourism cooperative in Ocotal offers accomodations and tours. The Rural Tourism English Program provides members of this community the opportunity to learn English and bolster their cooperatives abilities. With English catered to their lives and their business, the Ocotal English Program helps the students and the surrounding community. 

College Scholarship Program 

Over the last 6 years, Enlace Project has faciliated college scholarships for 7 students to attend university. These students have studied, or currently study, business administration, nursing, English education, and accounting. These students often have to travel more than 6 hours to get to the nearest university. 

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