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Partners and Friends of Enlace Project 

Enlace Project partners with many groups, schools, and organizations to conduct trips and various projects. We would not be able to do our work without their support and help. 

SUNY Geneseo 
Enlace Project Geneseo 
The Friends Project 

If you would like to know more about these organizations, let us know and we can make the connection! 

4 Walls Project 
Alcaldia Municpal de El Sauce
Rochester Institute of Technology 
SUNY Upstate 
Keuka College 
Sauce Aventuras 
Victor-Farmington Rotary 
The Cook Foundation 
Peace Corps 
Estelí Rotary Club 
EOS International 

This SUNY Geneseo based club consists of students who help fundraise for various causes supported by Enlace Project 

After helping kickstart Enlace Project, SUNY Geneseo now sends several student groups to Nicaragua with Enlace Project. 

Linking Hands is an organization based in Upstate New York who fundraise for and assist in building schools throughout rural El Sauce with the help of Enlace and others. 

The Friends Project funds a small scholarship program for university students from the rural community of Ocotal. They also support Enlace’s small business development program.

4 Walls/Cuatro paredes is an organization based in Rochester, NY providing safe and livable houses for families in El Sauce 

RIT collaborates with Enlace Project and Four Walls to develop new technology that can be incorporated into El Sauce's buisnesses making them more environmentally sustainable  and profitable.    

Keuka College has sent several student groups to complete projects and classes in Nicaragua with the help of Enlace Project.


SUNY Upstate Medical sends students to Nicaragua with the help of Enlace Project to learn about the healthcare system in Nicaragua through hands on experience.

MINSA has assisted Enlace Project in the execution of many projects and helps facilitate activities for our medical service learning groups. 

With the support and assistance of la Alcaldia, Enlace Project is able to conduct projects throughout El Sauce by providing us with information and resources. 


Assists Enlace Project in promoting tourism and promoting other social projects in the municipality of El Sauce.



Enlace Project partners with MINED for many educational projects and activities around El Sauce, including the construction of schools.

Peace Corps provides volunteers in and around the El Sauce area that often collaborate with Enlace Project on projects developing small businesses, English and employabilty skills, as well as health and educational programs.

 Victor-Farmington Rotary have been large supporters of various potable water projects and solar projects in the El Sauce area. 

The Cook Foundation supports educational opportunities for youth through developing countries. In El Sauce the Cook Foundation provides support for our Ocotal Tourism English Program.

Estelí Rotary Club supports local and international projects in and around Estelí.

This organization provides innovative technologies at low-costs to help improve the health and economic well-being of impoverished populations throughout Central America. 

La Casa de Cultura in El Sauce helps promote culture exchange through the arts whether it be dancing or playing guitar. They help support our annual International Festival of Folk Music. 

Linking Hands for Learning 
Casa De Cultura -- APC 
Ciudad Hermana 
New Energy Works 
San Luis Gonzaga Project

Initiated by Tim and Mary McMahon, this project helps provide scholarship support to elementary school students from low income families, living in and around El Sauce to attend a school run by Franciscan nuns till 6th grade. 

 Rochester, NY and Portland, OR-based timber framing and reclaimed wood business that supports various potable water projects and solar power projects (such as solar ovens) in the El Sauce area. 

Cuidad Hermana provides sponsorships, micro-loans for women, and other development projects such as clean water projects and political education in the US regarding US-Nicaragua relations.

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