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Giving Thanks from Nicaragua!

This Thanksgiving Enlace Project would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt “gracias” to all of our supporters, volunteers, friends, and family. Without your support, hard work, dedication, and vision for a better future, we would not be able to work towards our goal of inspiring and supporting communities, families, and individuals in their work towards economic development.

This year we have been able to accomplish many great things. Just to mention a few:

1. Construction of La Flor elementary school in Ocotal

2. Enlace Project Benefit Concert on SUNY Geneseo campus

3. Exportation of 12,000 of Ocotal coffee to Rochester

4. Over $13,000 in microloans

5. Over 30 small businesses started or expanded with the Micro-loan Program

6. 9 Nicaraguan participants for our second annual English Class trip to New York

7. 52 participants in our Academic and Volunteer Travel Program

8. Installation of 25 solar panels for the members of the Tourism Cooperative “Los Altos de Ocotal”

Although Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday in Nicaragua, the action of giving thanks is still very important across the country. Any of our supporters who have traveled to El Sauce have seen first hand how grateful the community is for your involvement.

Thank you again for your support!


The Enlace Project Staff

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