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Introducing: Juan Carlos Zelaya, Enlace Project's New On-Site Director

Hello! My name is Juan Carlos Zelaya, and I work for Enlace Project as the director and programs coordinator. I started three months ago. One of my motivations for working with Enlace Project is my commitment to the local development of the community of El Sauce because I have lived here for 20 years. My wife and my children were born in El Sauce.

One of my dreams is that Enlace Project will become a point of reference as a pioneer in the development of Rural Tourism, and other contributions to local development. I hope that, by using my previous job experience, I can help this organization grow and reach its full potential. Two of my co-workers and I are designing the tools to identify the necessities and threats to development for the leaders of various small businesses and cooperatives in town. Currently, we are working with four cooperatives in rural areas to help them improve their business. Additionally, as the leader of the Enlace Project team, I supervise the activities of each of our programs every week. We meet to discuss the progress of our organization and how we can help one another. Alongside Kellan and Yacarely, the co-directors, we are working to identify the strengths and methods to improve our team. Lastly, I have been studying English, because it is necessary for my job. For that reason, I have written this introduction in English. Thank you all very much for your support of the organization, and I look forward to meeting and working with each one of you!

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