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Enlace Project Makes New Social Links in El Sauce

In February, 2014, Enlace Project hosted its first multi-institutional meeting with local organizations, cooperatives, businesses, and schools from the municipality of El Sauce, Nicaragua. There was a positive community turn out, with approximately 25 representatives from 16 different institutions attending the meeting. The Enlace Project shared with the community our organization’s mission statement, along with a short presentation of each program that defines our name.

On Friday February 27th, 2015, we officially established an annual tradition, by hosting the Enlace Project’s second multi-institutional meeting. With an increase of upwards to 40 representatives, 20 institutions, and another year’s worth of positive stories to share, the meeting was a great success. The Enlace Project would like to thank everyone who assisted in making it such.

Program Coordinator Juan Carlos Zelaya began the meeting with a warm welcome to all participants; he thanked everyone for both their time and support. Next, he gave a great introduction of our organization and our goals for the formation of new partnerships with both governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The seminar continued with presentations from Enlace Project staff members, regarding their programs. Intern Bethany Nelson spoke about the positive progress of Enlace’s new marketing program, and the many strides the Enlace Project has made in developing our social media platforms.

English teachers Luzvelia Sevilla and Javier Rocha spoke on behalf of the Enlace Project English School and the advancements the school has seen since its doors opened in 2009.

Academic and Volunteer Trips Coordinator, Juan Mariana, gave a nice presentation about his work experience with both student and volunteer groups. Projects like this reflect the Enlace Project’s dedication to partnerships with non-domestic institutions, such as state universities from the State of New York, and youth volunteer groups who annually visit Nicaragua for rural school constructions projects.

A new and welcomed addition to this year’s meeting was guest presentations. The Enlace Project’s Entrepreneurial Development Program Manager, Enrique Corrales, and Peace Corps Volunteer Conrad Wright, presented about the Enlace Project’s work in the El Sauce community. They spoke about how the Enlace Project supports and promotes the growth and development of small local businesses and cooperatives within the municipality.

After they spoke, Angela Falkis and her daughter Fiama Mayorga, owners of local eatery Batidos Falkis, presented on the rising success of their new business, along with their fruitful experiences of working with the Enlace Project. Mendel Mendoza, Manager of the Sauce Aventuras cooperative, spoke about his work with the cooperative and how beneficial the relationship with Enlace Project has been for them.

Following the presentations, the Enlace Project staff invited our guests to join us for a luncheon, where many great conversations were held and new friendships were made. The Enlace Project looks forward to another prosperous year of being able to work with the El Sauce community in social, economic, and educational development projects.

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