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Familiar Faces: Batidos Falkis

The happy faces of the Batidos Falkis staff have quickly become familiar to the people of El Sauce throughout the course of the last year as the new business planted its roots and began to grow rapidly in popularity. It is a rare day when there isn't a line of costumers waiting to order a refreshing cold smoothie.

The business started just over a year ago when owners Angela Falkis and her daughter Fiama Mayorga began thinking of opening a smoothie shop in their hometown. After having heard of the increasing interest and success of shops in other local cities they had high hopes for similar outcomes in El Sauce. From the beginning their main goal has been to teach the public that fresh fruits are a healthy option for all.

Common Nicaraguan beliefs suggest that eating fruits at certain times during the day can cause health issues. There is even a taboo connected to the diet of a pregnant woman forbidding her to consume fruits after a certain point in her pregnancy. The ladies now take pride in their business saying that it has become much more than they had ever expected it to and they enjoy teaching facts about health and good eating habits.

But things for Batidos Falkis haven’t always easy; as most entrepreneurial experiences aren't. Aside from finding a good and affordable location, one of their largest obstacles was getting the needed machinery.

However, with the assistance of the Enlace Project Entrepreneurial Development Program Manager, Enrique Corrales and his assistant Peace Corps Volunteer, Conrad Wright, Angela and Fiama were able to receive the professional support and guidance to better their business. The mother daughter duo attended workshops that educated them in the starting a new business. The information and ideas they learned helped to attract more business and sales began to pick up quickly thereafter.

This humble family business not only greets customers with smiling face because of their professional growth, but more importantly because they have work and through the opening of the shop they have provided others with jobs as well.

The relationships they have formed with the community members of their hometown are something of great value to Angela and Fiama. They've even established friendships with the many foreign visitors spending time in El Sauce; servicing them with a bilingual menu.They love being able to provide good service to their clients and have big dreams to one day soon expand the business into a larger venue where they can give even more than they are capable of now. They hope to one day have extended hours and a wider variety of meals on their menu.

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