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Educational Strides

From the opening of its doors in 2009, the Enlace Project English School has undergone many stages of developmental growth. This year has been no exception. With the change in professors at the beginning of the year the English program team decided to take a closer look at our goals and expectations for our students.

While still maintaining the same methodology, our staff has added some minor yet constructive additions to the course. Such as a new evaluation system that monthly indicates to both the teacher and student where their strengths and weaknesses are. In a short meeting during the last week of each month, the teacher is able to better communicate and guide the students to reaching their goals for the upcoming month. This is proving to be very productive and rewarding. The confidence level of the students is rising as well as the participation in classes.

With rising interest in English classes in the city of El Sauce, Enlace Project English School is seeing a rise in the number of students registering each month. With larger classes the English staff created a tutoring schedule where students can visit the school during select hours of the week to receive more personalized help. This too is proving to be very effective and students are benefiting from the sessions.

The English program has also been reaching out to the community, promoting our classes and informing local businesses and institutions the importance of having a bilingual staff. We are looking forward to the potential addition of a more technical based English course that will help the El Sauce working class learn speech associated to their field of work. Enlace Project values education and we are excited to see so many local community members taking advantage of their ability to learn a second language. We hopeful that our progress will continue advance and grow.

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