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A Strong Link Provides for a Strong Chain

Some of Enlace Projects’ greatest successes are our academic trips study abroad programs. These atypical courses combine traditional classroom studies with hands-on activities that provide the students with an energetic learning environment. Professors of supporting institutions run classroom instructions via the connecting of Nicaraguan life and history with the standard curriculum required by the home university. This tangible nexus provides the students with a realistic firsthand understanding of the cultural norms of the country and the many ways in which one can learn about their own culture when studying abroad in another.

The month of June was a busy yet successful month of activities for Enlace Project. SUNY Geneseo held two effective study abroad classes here in Nicaragua; Humanities II, taught by professors, Glenn McClure, Dr. Kyle Matthews, and Dr. Jenifer Guzman, and Comparative Sustainability taught by Dr. Kristina Hannam.

Students experienced weeks of both, in class lessons, as well as hands-on immersion leaning through field studies. Both groups were able to travel to various parts of the country experiencing what is Nicaraguan life. Cultural comparisons and observations through experiencing local family homestays, visiting the Enlace Project English School and participating in their activities, and interaction with native Nicaraguans from both rural, and urban settings, help complete the program and draw a new dynamic to the material covered in the course.

Enlace Project is proud of all of the students who participated in these classes and on behalf of all our staff we wish them the best of luck with the rest of their college careers.

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