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Bethany Nelson Reconnects With Her Local Rotary Club

After finishing high school, Bethany Nelson made a decision that would help set her on a course eventually leading her to her current position with Enlace Project: she was going to study abroad. And just like many other students, her local Rotary club was the ticket. So, six years ago, she set out to Argentina, falling in love with both the Spanish language and travel.

Fast forward to late August, when Bethany returned to her local Moravia Rotary’s meeting to discuss her latest experiences abroad. Not only did the event serve as a nice bookend to her journey that began with Rotary, it also confirmed for members what they long believed; exchange programs are life-altering experiences that serve to both improve local communities as well as global ones.

As Bethany discussed the development work and community building that Enlace Project does in El Sauce, she highlighted the values shared by both organizations in their efforts to improve the world around them. Noting the International Rotary’s annual theme, “be a gift to the world,” she talked at length about the strong local partnerships that we’ve built over the years, and invited the club to consider working with Enlace Project in the future, embracing both the annual theme as well as Rotary’s legacy of international work.

The presentation was greeted with incredible enthusiasm, and substantial support existed for forging a partnership in the future. To her surprise, Bethany was also presented with honorary membership in her local Rotary club as a result of her clear commitment to making the world around her a better place by living their motto, “Service above self.” She will have an opportunity to share more about what Enlace Project does when she speaks again in April at the district conference.

We are very proud to count Bethany as part of our team and congratulate her on receiving the status of honorary Rotarian. Her contributions are typical of the kind of people who are attracted to work with us and for us.

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