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New Hands Linking for Learning in Taquezal

We are excited to introduce the community of Taquezal as the site of our newest school construction in partnership with Linking Hands for Learning and the Ministry of Education! This rural, agricultural community is made up of around 120 people from about 25 families. Local farmers grow beans, corn and millet, and raise chickens and small quantities of cows. Many community members have migrated to Costa Rica to find work to support their families.

Three years ago, members of the community built their first school with their own funds and hard work. Before this school, children had to walk an hour and fifteen minutes to attend the nearest school in Salales. Today, they offer preschool through 6th grade in this one-room schoolhouse. This schoolhouse is made of adobe, which is vulnerable to the frequent tremors that can occur in this region. Despite the need for a new school, Taquezal’s remote location makes the construction and transportation of supplies more difficult than many other communities in El Sauce.

​The new school will be about twice the size of the current schoolhouse, providing students with a more spacious, cooler and safer atmosphere. The walls will be made of brick that will be able to withstand strong seismic activity. The community wishes to use the existing schoolhouse as a preschool.

The community is excited to contribute to the project, and is look forward to starting construction this February.

Photos - Top: Narrow road leading up to Taqueztal. Middle: Enlace Project team meeting with the community. Bottom: Our team and partners survey the site.

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