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Enlace Project Geneseo Recognized for Outstanding Service

Enlace Project congratulates Enlace Project Geneseo on receiving a college-wide Volunteer and Service Award from SUNY Geneseo. President Allegra Miccio, Treasurer Justin Fischer, Secretary Braeden Sharer and other members of the organization attended the award ceremony at the Big Tree Inn on March 21. The award was proudly presented by Enlace Project Co-Founder Kellan Morgan and Kevin Pierce, who participated in the Humanities II program in El Sauce. Since 2013, Enlace Project Geneseo has given students returning from programs in El Sauce an opportunity to remain active in promoting economic, cultural, and educational ties between the Geneseo community and campus, and El Sauce, Nicaragua.

The organization coordinates a variety of activities that support Enlace Project’s programs including concerts, dinners featuring Nicaraguan food and baskets sales with products from the Fuente de Pino women’s cooperative. In 2014, the group worked with Campus Auxiliary Services to bring Ocotal coffee to an on-campus coffee shop. Jesse Bennett, who is an active member of the organization, says that in the last few years, “we have evolved and grown our presence on the Geneseo campus. We are identified by our coffee, Ocotal baskets, and more.” These activities not only raise money for Enlace Project programs and but also celebrate and continue to support friendship between the two communities.

Along with continuing existing projects, Enlace Project Geneseo member Hannah Fabiny organized a glasses drive. Over 50 pairs of donated glasses from the drive will arrive to El Sauce this summer. Last year, the organization succeeded in gaining annual funding for the club from the SUNY Geneseo Student Association. Allegra says this was a big step because “having a budget allows us to purchase supplies for events, such as food, advertisements, and decorations, without having to reimburse ourselves from the money raised. This maximizes the donations for Enlace Project and its programs from each event we hold.” The club will also send a representative to weekly Student Association meetings, which will lead to greater exposure for the club.

Enlace Project Geneseo was honored to receive this award, celebrate their accomplishments and years of hard work, and further promote the organization. As Jesse says, “It gives an opportunity to reflect on the impact the greater Enlace Project organization has had on the lives of the people that surround the organization.”

You can connect with the club by email at Stay tuned to our Facebook page for information about the organizations events like their upcoming benefit dinner!

Photos Provided: SUNY Geneseo

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