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Potable Water on the Horizon for Salales

Far and away our biggest undertaking this year, the Rotary Water Project in Salales is nearing completion. The water tank is in place, tubing to houses has been laid out, and pumps have been installed. After reinforcing some of the tubing and then flushing the pipes clean the system will be online later this month, when houses and families will begin enjoying the gift of fresh, clean water. For the people of Salales the projects completion is coming at an important time in the calendar year.

November marked the end of the rain here in Nicaragua, and the cooler days of December are already fading as the heat begins to rise uncharacteristically early in January. From here the temperature will climb until it peaks in April and early May, shrinking rivers, streams, and other sources. But this year, Salales will be prepared with its new water system.

The lives of 158 families will be immeasurably improved by the incredibly simple gift of safe, clean water. Additionally, a local elementary school and high school will directly benefit from the project or roughly 130 students. We are very lucky to know some of the smiling faces that go with these numbers and can’t wait to share a glass of water with them very soon.

Enlace Project is proud of the role it has played in something as essential to improving the lives of others by providing clean water, but the real credit goes to the incredible leaders of the project, Victor-Farmington Rotary Club and the many partners who have also made it possible:

  • The community of Salales

  • The Esteli Rotary Club

  • CAPS (Comités de Agua Potable y Saneamiento)

  • The Municipal Services of El Sauce

  • Donors including some of you reading this!

Many of us who have access to clean drinking water will never truly understand the fear of not having guaranteed access to it. However, projects like this give partners an opportunity to share the joy of its beneficiaries and hopefully, motivates us to work harder toward helping everyone live healthy, dignified lives.

Keep an eye out for an update on the inauguration for the new system on February 26th.

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