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Creating Opportunities 

Small Business Development/Advising 

Enlace Project partners with growing small businesses and cooperatives to help them realize the full potential of their business ideas. We assist with marketing, accounting, and business plans. Since its founding in 2009, Enlace Project has helped advise over 60 small businesses. 

Empower Through Education Program 

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Our English classes have been one of the major cornerstones of Enlace Project in El Sauce. In English classes, we teach English with a purpose and a direction. Not only are our students learning English, but they are developing employability skills in order to advance in their careers. Students are able to practice their conversational English skills while discovering new life goals and new directions for employment. 

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Community Development Projects

Enlace Project has helped plan and execute numerous community development projects throughout El Sauce. These projects have included the building of schools, houses, and wells to help the people of El Sauce. With the help of members of El Sauce and partner organizations such as MINED and Alcaldia Municipal, Enlace Project is able to target those communities most in need and create development projects targeted at working with local residents. 

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