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Create your own trip with Enlace Project 

Elements for Group Trips:  
Educational activities 
Construction projects 
Volunteer opportunities 

Enlace Project works with several organizations aimed at building proects throughout El Sauce. These range from houses and schools to wells and ovens. We help facilitate your groups participation in these various projects. The time frame of your participation can vary from a single day to several weeks. 

Whether it is medical, environmental, or humanities, Enlace Project can help build an itinerary based on your desired field of subject. We have worked with many groups and individuals to help them develop projects and classes including activities in El Sauce and throughout the country. By visiting museums, farms, hospitals, cities and the countryside, students receive hands on learning in their educational field. If you have an individual educational project you would like to pursue we can help with resources and information you may need while in Nicaragua. 

If you are interested in volunteering your time and skills to helping the people of Nicaragua, Enlace Project has worked with many programs to find the most suitable place. Past placements have included surveying home owners, planting trees, and teaching in local schools. Volunteer programs can be of varying lengths and capacities.  

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