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Create a New Connection with Enlace

We welcome those who want to share their time and talents, whether it be in your home community or on site. This includes fund-raising, events promoting the organization, and publicity. You may contact us with any ideas that you have. 

You can also get involved with Enlace Project Geneseo, a student organization at SUNY GeneseoContact us at!

You can make a contribution to support a certain program or project or you can make a non-specific donation. Whatever the case you will know you are making an impact.

Become part of the Enlace Advocates network that supports Enlace Project through facilitating new connections and opportunities in the US. Coming soon!



Whether you are an individual or a group, we would love to work with you to form a new connection. We will work with you to design a program to leverage your unique expertise, resources and interests within our network to address local community needs. Contact us at!

Become an Enlace Advocate (Amigo de Enlace)

Start a New Project

Enlace Project has hosted hundreds of international visitors to Nicaragua in its efforts to promote intercultural awareness and education on the realities of developing communities. We provide a variety of options tourism, education and community development based in El Sauce for individuals and groups. 

Contact us at!

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