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University Faculty and Educators: Study Abroad Trips to Nicaragua 

Enlace Project has helped organize dozens of University trips to Nicaragua. These have included sustainability, humanities, and medical trips. In our capacity, we help create personalized itineraries, find hotels and restaurants suitable for your groups' needs and book fun excursions throughout Nicaragua. 

Facilitating Educational Opportunities
The Benefits of an experienced staff: 

Enlace Project has worked with student groups for over 10 years. Given this long standing experience, we have created connections with local organizations, people, and institutions opening more opportunities for students to gain experience here in Nicaragua. Our staff has worked with students from several different universities and are trained in emergency and safety protocol to ensure a worry free trip. We also have experienced translators who make sure students don't miss a thing!  

Testimonials of Trips: 

“Why do we want to travel? Why do we want to leave the comfort of our homes to go somewhere else.  I think there are three reason why people travel. The first reason is to take a vacation and the second reason is to go learn something new. But I think there is a third reason travel. It is good to travel to be transformed in some way and that’s what I alwas experience when I bring students here to the Enlace Project.”

-Professor Glenn McClure, SUNY Geneseo Professor of Humanities II 

“I feel like this program has made me a better global leader in that it has given me the opportunity to mingle and experience a culture that is different from the ones that I know. But the experience I have gained here in Nicaragua is like nothing I have ever experienced.”

-Justin Fischer, SUNY Geneseo Humanities II Nicaragua 2015 

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