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Help Us Build A School!

So what can we do to help??

We at Enlace Project are looking to improve children's education in rural Nicaragua. In conjunction with the mayor's office, an elementary school construction is set to begin in July of this year. However, we need your help.

Our Project

For the past two years, Enlace Project and its partners have worked to improve education opportunities for rural communities through the construction of primary schools. All together, these schools have come to assist 106 children in receiving their education. Working with El Sauce's mayor's office, the communities of greatest need are identified. The next step is to gauge the community's interest in the project. If they are committed to the cause, the project can move on to the next step.

The Community of San Cayetano

San Cayetano, approximately 12 kilometers outside of El Sauce's center, is our most recent project. Its school, Casa de Zinc, is located uphill and far away from many students' houses. The building is old and lacks many resources to engage the students. Casa de Zinc is not a formal school house, but instead teaches 50 pre-school and elementary school students in a community member's house. In the community of San Cayetano the main economic activity is agriculture and the principle crops are corn, beans, and wheat. There is no electricity or potable water, but there are clean-water wells.

How You Can Help

Our successes are proof that primary schools can make a difference in rural children's lives. Maynor Hernández Juárez, the former teacher of the Las Minitas school, constructed in 2012, states that, "the school construction gave the students a feeling of community and security, [which] motivates students to make advancements in their studies." Maynor also notes that the new school helped him to better manage his classroom. That's why we're asking for your help. We are raising $4,000 of the $9,000 for the construction costs; a group from Avon and Honeoye Falls, NY has raised the other $5,000. This will cover the masonry work, the foundation, floor, walls, paint, school supplies and other school materials. Any amount that you are able to donate to the cause will be highly appreciated.

Donate here.

*All donations are tax-deductible, as we are now a registered non-profit organization (501c3) We hope you will consider our request. Attentively, The Enlace Project Team

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