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Meet Amanda Sosnowski!

Amanda Sosnowski, 22 year old recent college graduate, will be spending three months here in Nicaragua volunteering with Enlace Project! We had the chance to catch up with her to talk about her time here.

Q: What brought you here to Nicaragua?

A: I just graduated from Barnard College in December with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. I came here because I think it is important to experience interacting with a variety of people and places. I wanted to visit a place where people would be welcome and open to exchange, which is what I have heard about El Sauce.

Q: Amanda, what do you plan to do during your time here in Nicaragua?

A: During my time here in Nicaragua I am doing a few things. First, I am conducting an investigation on the progress of potable water systems Enlace Project is implementing in rural communities around El Sauce. I am also volunteering at Casa Materna and a rural health post in order to learn more about the public health system here in Nicaragua. Additionally, I am assisting with English class at Enlace Project and taking Spanish classes.

Q: What is something you hope to learn or experience?

A: I hope to learn more about the culture and get to know the community, as well as improve my ability to speak and understand Spanish through language immersion.

Q: What has been your favorite food in Nicaragua so far?

Stay tuned to here about Amanda's next two months in Nicaragua and her work here!

A: Batidos!

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