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Cesar Marin: An undying passion that inspires happiness

Whether it be his hilarious jokes, his boisterous laugh, or his unwavering kindness, Cesar is known by all who have worked with and visited us here in Nicaragua. Cesar has taken English classes with Enlace Project for 4 years. During this time, he served as an English teacher, a translator, and a travel coordinator for Enlace Project. However, in September, Cesar left El Sauce to move to Managua. He received a job as a bilingual customer service representative using his English daily. Through phone calls and messages, Cesar uses the English skills he developed here at Enlace Project to resolve issues for customers. According to Cesar, “At the end of a conversation they sometimes say ‘Thank you Cesar, you were amazing’ and that makes me feel good.” For him, this job is another way he can help people, no matter how small the action.

In 2014, Cesar joined the English classes to confront the biggest challenge he faced in University—learning English. After beginning his studies with Enlace Project, Cesar overcame this by leaps and bounds. Additionally, he hoped the English class would help him grow professionally, as “knowing English makes you twice as important to an employer”. He realized that as he studied English through the autodidactic methodology, he also learned invaluable professional skills that made him stand out and eventually landed him his current job.

Before studying English with Enlace Project, Cesar obtained two university degrees, one in marketing and another in law. When he was young, his dream was to be a soldier, a hero who helps people and defends the nation. However, Cesar eventually chose marketing because he saw an opportunity in a growing field of businesses, sales, and publicity. But he didn’t stop there. Cesar went on to study law, including a specialty in family law. Cesar’s passion for helping others led him to law and his hopes of becoming judge, through which he would strive to bring justice to victims of domestic and family violence. Cesar believes that, “The first obligation of every human being is to be happy, the second is to make others happy.” This belief has fueled his constant efforts to help and bring happiness to others, part of his innate generosity and kindness.

Cesar returns to the Enlace Project English classroom each Tuesday night to learn with some of his friends. As a teacher, I am thankful for those Tuesdays when Cesar comes back. Sometimes motivating students is difficult. They might be in a funk, not fully grasping a topic, or questioning their own abilities. However, each time I see a student speak to Cesar their attitude changes, their faces light up and they attack learning English with a new fervor. He motivates students in a different way that I cannot. He serves as a mentor and example for the other students, pushing them to confront their next challenge and more. His kindness, enthusiasm, passion, and desire for the best for others comes out the strongest as he speaks to his fellow classmates. Cesar will carry this passion with him to all his future projects whether they be in Managua, El Sauce or beyond. The impact he has made at Enlace Project and with his classmates will never leave. So from all of us Cesar, Thank you, you are amazing.

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