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English Students Write About Their Experiences

Since the English classes were divided this September, the Enlace Project English School team has been working hard to meet students' needs, adjusting their lessons and activities to help the students advance and provide them with professional English skills.

More recently, the teachers asked students to write about their experience with Enlace Project in order to better understand how the English class helps them meet their own goals. Below, you will find some excerpts from the students:

"My experience here in Enlace Project has been very nice and I have learned a lot... I've learned to capture the sounds of the language [which] is the hardest thing for me. It has been interesting to me [to] interact with foreign people who come to help and... develop our language learning which is of great importance... [I want] To develop myself intellectually with better quality since it will help my career studying and socially in my relationship with teachers and classmates..."

-Keyslor José Calderón Conteno, Second Level

"When I started to study English in Enlace [Project]... [it] was hard to understand... [Now] I understand better... the experience has been really good. Studying here helped me to get a job and now I'm working teaching English. I feel good about that and I hope to continue to study here because I like the methodology that they use."

-Nelson Israel, Second Level

"...Many doors have been opened for me since I started studying English, opportunities that were not only given to me for my profession, which is why I would like to thank my teachers and the Enlace Project team for giving me the opportunity to study English, share their experiences and teach us many important things about American culture"

-Henry Chévez Garcia, Third Level

"My goals in English are to be able to have a good job and to help my family... I would like to be able to become a teacher... [and] travel to another country. [English] is very important in my life, I think that learning English is something that will always be important, and I hope that at the end [of my studies] I will find a job where I can make some good money."

-Geovanni Quiroz, Second Level

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